Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years eve w/ Carson Daly

Carson Daly is live from New York City's Times Square. This year's live show will be broadcast in primetime from 10-11 p.m. There will be performances by Green Day, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and more! 

I Could not be home so I watched via ustream! technology at its best

 Free video chat by Ustream

Just the cutest accesories

This Is Vinyl Tap Wallet


Unlike your drummers, your cash will never mysteriously disappear when you stow it in this handy, zipper-closed pouch! Available in two new original designs, these cheeky, 45-sized, record-print wallets are great for holding everything from a perfumed pair of gloves, to toy armadillos that won't fit in your trouser pockets, to plain ole' cash and makeup. So saucy and super, they might make onlookers spontaneously combust with awe. Get your hands on one of these fab pouches, and you'll become the patron saint of quality, cute accessories!

Candytuft Eco-Friendly Bag


These perennially pretty reusable bags are eco-friendly and eco-fashionable! Grab one of these adorable bags, named for a fabulous ever-blooming flower, to tote around your groceries, sneakers, or anything else you desire that day. Take your pick from two precious palettes - salmon accented with black posy prints, or steel grey dotted with snow white blossoms. With this terrific tote on your arm, you're saving the environment while sustaining your spot-on sense of style!

Heartbeats Cuff

Named for one of our favorite songs by The Knife, this pop art-tastic cuff will set your heart racing with desire. This hard plastic cuff features a wide black band, adorned with a bright scarlet heart. Wear it with an otherwise simple outfit for a great splash of color, or pair it with a fun-loving frock as a sweet 'n' sassy addition. No matter what you match it to, this cuff is sure to capture the heart of every fashion fanatic.

Wise and Watchful Eyes Necklace

With this watchful owl around your neck, you'll never lose track of time again! This trusty bird not only carries the markings of a Great Horned Owl, but also boasts gleaming emerald eyes and a traditional numerical clock for its middle. This magnificent, burnished gold timekeeper also comes on a 27-inch chain, so you can wear your new feathered friend with any outfit. No matter what the ensemble, this versatile necklace will match it like clockwork!

Ice Cream Bag

How could Winston ignore three scoops of vanilla cherry? It's the holidays, after all, he was just being merry. He lapped up his cream, enjoying the cold, sweet flavor, when he noticed this bag - its silhouette he did favor! "Vroom, vroom," he did say, to the bag of rich cherry, with a Vespa upon it, Winston'd sure like it to carry! This bag with its checkered design of ecru and mint made Winston break out in a feverish sprint. With a comfy shoulder strap and plenty of pockets, our little pug friend shot off like a rocket!

Soaring Swallow Ring


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plinky Question Of The Day

since i am a lesbian ,it would def be ice sculpted va-jay-jay's!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

Not very merry for me.  I really thought i would be home to celebrate Christmas in new york with my family.  It Did not exactly work out that way.So here I am on Xmas day 500 miles away , wishing I was home, trying not to be upset ,and def not signing into any online social networking  sights for the day! So Im going to curl up with tv one  and spend the day wit the Cap'n

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twitter Friends

check out a cool new way to meet friends of your personal choice on twitter! yes its just another application , but their intentions are awesome!  so if u have a chance check it out! Twitter Friends

Not Home For The Holidays

Happy Christmas Eve!  Normally I am one to be really excited about christmas! Especially being from NY. Its kinda hard not to get swooped up in the hustle and bustle of  the holiday season. Well this year I am stuck in Atlanta for the holidays, so im afraid its no yellow snow, no over priced toys, no recycled gifts,no million dollar billboard advertisements, no showing off of the christmas items the day after, no big cleanup, and no house hopping in search of more gifts !  But I will have the begging salvation army santa's!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sade Returns!

So today as i was reading the blogs of the people i follow
(yes i really read them) & i noticed on andenew's blog it was mentioned that sade was in fact making a comeback ! GOODNESS ME!I thought it was pure rumor and speculation! That was until I clicked the lil red play button ,and lo and behold, my speakers were instantly filled with the sweet serenade of sade's voice as she belted out her latest hit.

It was everything I could have hoped for in a comeback for such a well respected and well loved artist! i have been falling asleep to the sultry sounds of sade(cherish the day,pearls,enigma,by your side,king of sorrow, no ordinary love, to name a few )since i was about 3,im now 24 so u can imagine my unmasked excitement as i readily listened to the newest installment. I for one will be first in line to get my cd in 2010! Check it out

Avatar = ?

Now if you felt the trailer was awesome then u have no idea how great the film actually was! I mean after initially getting over the shock of having to be engaged in a 3 hour movie,I finally sucked it up, went home, sat down, and downloaded it. Now I know how that sounds , but the truth of the matter is I am so sick of spending my hard earned money to go watch movies in a theater ,just  to be disappointed by a trailer that looked so appealing. So yes this time I played it safe!

This was the hit movie that people will be talking about for several years to come.Never had i experienced a movie that was satisfying on every level. this was a perfect adaptation of what the native Americans had endured a few generations ago. only this time, they kicked butt & won! I'm sure that this flick will strike a cord with them and any third world country that has been either oppressed and conquered in one form or another.  the texture and the animation was awesome.  Facial expressions and movement coinciding with the environment was just perfect, very believable. I love the character development,especially the main characters! The storyline was similar to "Dancing with Wolves" but the acting and animation were Avatar awesome

Now Reading between the lines ->

One day we will realize that it is not a good idea for all mankind to be located on one planet, where one solar flare,can wipe us all out in a large explosion in the sun's atmosphere that can release heated plasma at tens of millions of kelvins and accelerating electrons ,protons,and heavier ions at the earth. I do not want to be in that fire storm nor do  want my children or grandchildren to face to face that threat either! That is why i think that some of us need to get off this rock ,to keep our species going even if that does happen! We have to plan beyond the next five minutes,five days,five months,five years,or five centries! Until we learn to do that we are in deep crap ,being stuck on this one world.  CLICK LINK BELOW FOR MORE

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thoughts of a Georgian

ok so down here in georgia my friends have been harping on me for using social networking sites , i.e.  twitter,blogger ,downelink ,myspace.  they say they dont see the sense in those kinds of sites.when u can just hang out with a person for real and know the real them .now i totally agree with them  but blogging is totally different

Devry Dilemma



so im  currently working on getting into devry university so that i can acquire my associate degree in health information and technology.  Yeah yeah I know, just a cover career that enables me to surf the net all day , but so what this is my story !
  never the less I started the long application process,  fafsa .edu ,devry's application fee ,the works .  Then comes the moment i dreaded. Devry calls me in for a  placement test.  *the horror*!     Instantly panicking I try to remember every thing ive ever learned or didnt, in highschoool. Now although I did exceptionally well in highschool  I wont say I had the best grades in math. But reading comprehension and any kind of writing I  have always excelled at ,  I guess thats why my teachers ignored my lack of knowledge in certain areas of math. I just could not get it  no matter how hard I tried I have always need extra tutoring, or lessons to keep my math up.
so imagine my non shock when I take the placement test for devry and  score very high in reading,only to score a measly 29 in math (passin is 38). .So now on this very cold ,snowy early morning in georgia im headed to devry to have a math review. God  just when u thought u have jumped the having to do math train it always stops right in your station!

Friday, December 4, 2009

chase has a playmate


so i am so sick and tired of chase (my shihtzu) humping my leg ! uggh!  ok so i get that he's getting older, he just recently turned 1 , but does that give him the right to molest me?  i didnt think so
therefore i opted not to get him neutered  but instead get him a playmate.  since i didn't have the time and energy  to adopt  a dog from a shelter, i turned to the next best thing..  craigslist!!  now i know that may sound weird , but it was on this thanksgiving day that i logged into cragslist and actually found what i was looking for !. lo and behold there was an ad that read " sweet bichon frise needs a good home".  so i happily clicked the link .  equipped with a phone number , i started the process of getting my chase a playmate .

cold dayy in georgia

so my first blog ? feels pretty weird but i guess ill get the hang of it , theres a couple of things goin on with me , i dont know where to start so as the days go on so ill i . dont know what to make of this blog thing yet. im assuming it gets better with time ?

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