Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thoughts of a Georgian

ok so down here in georgia my friends have been harping on me for using social networking sites , i.e.  twitter,blogger ,downelink ,myspace.  they say they dont see the sense in those kinds of sites.when u can just hang out with a person for real and know the real them .now i totally agree with them  but blogging is totally different

Devry Dilemma



so im  currently working on getting into devry university so that i can acquire my associate degree in health information and technology.  Yeah yeah I know, just a cover career that enables me to surf the net all day , but so what this is my story !
  never the less I started the long application process,  fafsa .edu ,devry's application fee ,the works .  Then comes the moment i dreaded. Devry calls me in for a  placement test.  *the horror*!     Instantly panicking I try to remember every thing ive ever learned or didnt, in highschoool. Now although I did exceptionally well in highschool  I wont say I had the best grades in math. But reading comprehension and any kind of writing I  have always excelled at ,  I guess thats why my teachers ignored my lack of knowledge in certain areas of math. I just could not get it  no matter how hard I tried I have always need extra tutoring, or lessons to keep my math up.
so imagine my non shock when I take the placement test for devry and  score very high in reading,only to score a measly 29 in math (passin is 38). .So now on this very cold ,snowy early morning in georgia im headed to devry to have a math review. God  just when u thought u have jumped the having to do math train it always stops right in your station!