Friday, December 4, 2009

chase has a playmate


so i am so sick and tired of chase (my shihtzu) humping my leg ! uggh!  ok so i get that he's getting older, he just recently turned 1 , but does that give him the right to molest me?  i didnt think so
therefore i opted not to get him neutered  but instead get him a playmate.  since i didn't have the time and energy  to adopt  a dog from a shelter, i turned to the next best thing..  craigslist!!  now i know that may sound weird , but it was on this thanksgiving day that i logged into cragslist and actually found what i was looking for !. lo and behold there was an ad that read " sweet bichon frise needs a good home".  so i happily clicked the link .  equipped with a phone number , i started the process of getting my chase a playmate .

cold dayy in georgia

so my first blog ? feels pretty weird but i guess ill get the hang of it , theres a couple of things goin on with me , i dont know where to start so as the days go on so ill i . dont know what to make of this blog thing yet. im assuming it gets better with time ?

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