Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

Not very merry for me.  I really thought i would be home to celebrate Christmas in new york with my family.  It Did not exactly work out that way.So here I am on Xmas day 500 miles away , wishing I was home, trying not to be upset ,and def not signing into any online social networking  sights for the day! So Im going to curl up with tv one  and spend the day wit the Cap'n

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twitter Friends

check out a cool new way to meet friends of your personal choice on twitter! yes its just another application , but their intentions are awesome!  so if u have a chance check it out! Twitter Friends

Not Home For The Holidays

Happy Christmas Eve!  Normally I am one to be really excited about christmas! Especially being from NY. Its kinda hard not to get swooped up in the hustle and bustle of  the holiday season. Well this year I am stuck in Atlanta for the holidays, so im afraid its no yellow snow, no over priced toys, no recycled gifts,no million dollar billboard advertisements, no showing off of the christmas items the day after, no big cleanup, and no house hopping in search of more gifts !  But I will have the begging salvation army santa's!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sade Returns!

So today as i was reading the blogs of the people i follow
(yes i really read them) & i noticed on andenew's blog it was mentioned that sade was in fact making a comeback ! GOODNESS ME!I thought it was pure rumor and speculation! That was until I clicked the lil red play button ,and lo and behold, my speakers were instantly filled with the sweet serenade of sade's voice as she belted out her latest hit.

It was everything I could have hoped for in a comeback for such a well respected and well loved artist! i have been falling asleep to the sultry sounds of sade(cherish the day,pearls,enigma,by your side,king of sorrow, no ordinary love, to name a few )since i was about 3,im now 24 so u can imagine my unmasked excitement as i readily listened to the newest installment. I for one will be first in line to get my cd in 2010! Check it out

Avatar = ?

Now if you felt the trailer was awesome then u have no idea how great the film actually was! I mean after initially getting over the shock of having to be engaged in a 3 hour movie,I finally sucked it up, went home, sat down, and downloaded it. Now I know how that sounds , but the truth of the matter is I am so sick of spending my hard earned money to go watch movies in a theater ,just  to be disappointed by a trailer that looked so appealing. So yes this time I played it safe!

This was the hit movie that people will be talking about for several years to come.Never had i experienced a movie that was satisfying on every level. this was a perfect adaptation of what the native Americans had endured a few generations ago. only this time, they kicked butt & won! I'm sure that this flick will strike a cord with them and any third world country that has been either oppressed and conquered in one form or another.  the texture and the animation was awesome.  Facial expressions and movement coinciding with the environment was just perfect, very believable. I love the character development,especially the main characters! The storyline was similar to "Dancing with Wolves" but the acting and animation were Avatar awesome

Now Reading between the lines ->

One day we will realize that it is not a good idea for all mankind to be located on one planet, where one solar flare,can wipe us all out in a large explosion in the sun's atmosphere that can release heated plasma at tens of millions of kelvins and accelerating electrons ,protons,and heavier ions at the earth. I do not want to be in that fire storm nor do  want my children or grandchildren to face to face that threat either! That is why i think that some of us need to get off this rock ,to keep our species going even if that does happen! We have to plan beyond the next five minutes,five days,five months,five years,or five centries! Until we learn to do that we are in deep crap ,being stuck on this one world.  CLICK LINK BELOW FOR MORE