Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just the cutest accesories

This Is Vinyl Tap Wallet


Unlike your drummers, your cash will never mysteriously disappear when you stow it in this handy, zipper-closed pouch! Available in two new original designs, these cheeky, 45-sized, record-print wallets are great for holding everything from a perfumed pair of gloves, to toy armadillos that won't fit in your trouser pockets, to plain ole' cash and makeup. So saucy and super, they might make onlookers spontaneously combust with awe. Get your hands on one of these fab pouches, and you'll become the patron saint of quality, cute accessories!

Candytuft Eco-Friendly Bag


These perennially pretty reusable bags are eco-friendly and eco-fashionable! Grab one of these adorable bags, named for a fabulous ever-blooming flower, to tote around your groceries, sneakers, or anything else you desire that day. Take your pick from two precious palettes - salmon accented with black posy prints, or steel grey dotted with snow white blossoms. With this terrific tote on your arm, you're saving the environment while sustaining your spot-on sense of style!

Heartbeats Cuff

Named for one of our favorite songs by The Knife, this pop art-tastic cuff will set your heart racing with desire. This hard plastic cuff features a wide black band, adorned with a bright scarlet heart. Wear it with an otherwise simple outfit for a great splash of color, or pair it with a fun-loving frock as a sweet 'n' sassy addition. No matter what you match it to, this cuff is sure to capture the heart of every fashion fanatic.

Wise and Watchful Eyes Necklace

With this watchful owl around your neck, you'll never lose track of time again! This trusty bird not only carries the markings of a Great Horned Owl, but also boasts gleaming emerald eyes and a traditional numerical clock for its middle. This magnificent, burnished gold timekeeper also comes on a 27-inch chain, so you can wear your new feathered friend with any outfit. No matter what the ensemble, this versatile necklace will match it like clockwork!

Ice Cream Bag

How could Winston ignore three scoops of vanilla cherry? It's the holidays, after all, he was just being merry. He lapped up his cream, enjoying the cold, sweet flavor, when he noticed this bag - its silhouette he did favor! "Vroom, vroom," he did say, to the bag of rich cherry, with a Vespa upon it, Winston'd sure like it to carry! This bag with its checkered design of ecru and mint made Winston break out in a feverish sprint. With a comfy shoulder strap and plenty of pockets, our little pug friend shot off like a rocket!

Soaring Swallow Ring


A beautiful, blue swallow soars through the light teal sky on this vintage-inspired ring. The gold frame has a weathered look, like a precious family heirloom that you'll cherish forever. Wear with a thrifted cardigan for a cozy, classic look.

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